Vogelzang Vineyard

Vogelzang Vineyard

The unique area called Happy Canyon by locals as well as wine lovers has matured and developed a site specificity for Bordeaux varietals and warm weather Rhones. Because of its location in the most south-eastern corner of the Santa Ynez valley, the morning fog burns off earlier than the rest of the valley, providing the much-desired longer day of heat. The late afternoon “set your clock at 4 PM” marine winds quickly promise to ease the extended heat. In addition to the unique weather pattern, the dirt combines rock and rubble contributing to the low vigor and proper drainage.

Finally, the viticultural practices, monitored by the team of Coast Vineyard Care and other mature consultants, guarantee that the most advanced technical practices such as high density, tight pruning, parallel shoot positioning and compost teas, plus good old fashioned common sense, guide the vine and the ground. Planted in 1998, the Vogelzang Vineyard provides the environment ideally suited for producing fine Bordeaux and Rhone wines.

Wine: 2009 Pinot Noir – Sta. Rita Hills, Fiddlestix Vineyard

Label Art: Rebecca Gomez

Website: vogelzangvineyard.com


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