Stolpman Vineyard

Stolpman Vineyard

The vineyards at Stolpman were originally planted with the sole intention of selling the fruit to other Central Coast wineries. Now, with our own estate wine program, we continue to provide fruit to other wineries but on a smaller, more selective scale. In many cases, producers choose to bottle wine from Stolpman fruit separately under a vineyard-designated label.

The estate contains an assortment of varietals including Syrah, Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, Sauvignon Blanc, Roussanne, Grenache, Cinsault, and Merlot.

We believe that the backbone of our company is the group of people who do the hands-on work in the vineyard; their diligent efforts and masterful skill are essential to producing the great grapes our winery receives.

We also believe that a better understanding of the entire process, not just the task to which a person is assigned, results in better teamwork and dedication to our goal.   Our Tasting Room staff members participate in a rotating harvest internship to ensure they have first-hand knowledge of how Stolpman hand-crafts the beautiful wines they share with our customers.

In 2003, Stolpman Vineyards instituted the La Cuadrilla Project: Each year, the full-time vineyard crew (in Spanish, “La Cuadrilla”) is given a small section in the vineyard to manage as they please. Pruning, watering, and fruit yield decisions on these rows are all made by the vineyard crew. During harvest, La Cuadrilla decides when to pick the fruit, and our winemaking team helps them vinify the grapes. At the end, La Cuadrilla divides the wine among its members—each with a better understanding of how their work in the vineyard has a direct influence on what ends up in the bottle.

Wine: 2010 La Cuadrilla, Syrah, Petit Syrah Blend

Label Art: Kari Crist