Kalyra Winery

Kalyra Winery

When it comes to a perfect recipe for wine… what about this.

Take an Australian born winemaker, train him in California, give him over twenty years experience making wine in Santa Barbara County and in Australia… then add some of the best grapes from two continents and what do you get?

An outstanding portfolio of wines from Santa Barbara County, California and Australia. All created with pride, imagination and flair. Welcome to the world of Kalyra and M.Brown Wines… the best of two new world wine destinations.

The name “KALYRA” is a translation from the Australian Aboriginal meaning..”a wild and pleasant place”. The philosophy behind these wines is that good wine should be a direct reflection of the fruit used and that it should highlight the distinct varietal characteristics of the regions it came from.

Wine: 2010, Viognier Dessert Wine

Label Art: Melody Owens

Website: kalyrawinery.com

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