Jim Farnum

Title: Great White Egret at the Vineyard Pond

Minimum Bid: $400

Wine Label: Foxen

Artist Bio: I have drawn and painted for over fifty years, but only became an “artist” twenty years ago. I work from my converted hay barn, which doubles as studio and gallery. I am usually called a “landscape” painter, and while it is true, I paint a lot of “landscapes”, more and more I am drawn to the abstractions of nature. The early work of Richard Diebenkorn is a great influence on my current painting, especially my “Aerial Landscape” Series. Color schemes that aren’t taught in “color classes” find their way into my work, subtle nuances of competing color fields find a certain harmony when worked and re-worked in layered tones. Drawing is a very important component of my work, including paintings, where underlying starts and stops show themselves through the paint, helping the viewer understand the process as well as the finished work.

Painting nature, even in its most abstract forms, allows the artist to retreat from flattery of the subject. Nature doesn’t care if her trees are blue, or her waters a deep green…she simply says “here I am, let’s see what you’ve got.”