Teresa McNeil MacLean

Teresa McNeil MacLean

Title: Rows of Vines

Size: 9″x 11″

Materials: Colored pencil

Minimum Bid: $400

Website: www.teresamcneilmaclean.com


Santa Ynez artist, Teresa McNeil MacLean, has perfected her unique technique working with colored pencils. Motivated by love of natural places, she paints landscapes as remembered by the mind’s eye. Her artistic goal is to honor the spirit of each site while sharing her celebration of wilderness. Her favorite subjects are the Sierra Nevada’s Range of Light, rural scenes in and around the Santa Ynez Valley and Scotland/Ireland’s coasts, islands and changing skies. In 1996, The Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite presented an exhibit of McNeil MacLean’s drawings and watercolors.  One of her drawings was selected for the ‘97-’98 U.S. touring exhibit, “Art for the Parks Top 100”. Her studio has been included in the Wildling Art Museum’s annual Santa Ynez Valley Artists’ Studio Tours every year since the first, 2005. As well as being an artist, she is also a performing musician, poet, teacher and songwriter, and is affiliated with Arts Outreach and California Poets in the Schools. McNeil MacLean’s artwork is in collections in North and South America, in Europe, and has appeared in over twenty solo exhibits, more than twenty juried or invitational shows as well, plus several books on colored pencil art. She belongs to the Santa Barbara Art Association (since 1981), Artists’ Guild of the Santa Ynez Valley (since 1987) and is a Signature as well as Lifetime Member of the Colored Pencil Society of America.