Seyburn Zorthian

Seyburn Zorthian

Title: Chaotic Connections, 2005

Materials: Watercolor & sumi

Size: 14 x 20

Minimum Bid: $500


An early love of the American and European abstractionists of the forties and fifties and later study of abstract calligraphy in Japan, lead Seyburn to the development of the work she does today. She has had an ongoing interest in the relationship of opposites and last year completed a series of complimentary color studies, integrating the expressive brushstroke with the color variations. Currently, Seyburn has been working on large-scale color abstractions using acrylic and the big Japanese brush to create the bones of the painting, developing the composition further with oil.

Seyburn has shown in the United States, France, China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. She attended Chouinard in Los Angeles and San Francisco Art Institute and received a BFA degree from the California Institute of the Arts. She was a student of shodou master, Shiryu Morita, in Kyoto, Japan in 1974. Seyburn lives in the mountains above Santa Barbara and maintains a studio at the family-owned Buttonwood Farm in Solvang, California.


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