Michelle Griffoul

MGriffoul_2013VDSpiece_piscadorMichelle Griffoul

Title: Piscador

Materials: Ceramic Tile

Minimum Bid: $450

Artist Statement:

I touched my first clay at 5 years old in Kindergarten.  I had too much energy to sleep but used to love nap time so I could get into other peoples cubbies and take some of their clay so I always had enough to make what ever I wanted.

I recalled that memory when I was in my 20’s, still obsessed with clay.  I started being a potter at 16, began my own school teaching pottery at 17, went through undergrad school, a year in Florence and received my MFA from University of Puget Sound in ceramics.  Now I’m 60 and still feel the same passion that I felt so many years ago.  I find the material a constant challenge.  Sensuous, malleable and sometimes difficult.  Sounds like a perfect relationship!

Creating new glazes, playing with texture, color and firing the kilns is what keeps me stimulated.  Working with customers all over the country and their specific needs  can be very creative.  Hospitality projects have been very rewarding recently, knowing that our tile mosaics will be part of the healing process for Vets returning from war as well as children.

I have many more ideas of what I’d like to do with clay than hours in the day.  I’m still in love.

For over thirty years, Michelle Griffoul has thrown, pushed rolled, torn, pit fired, raku fired, high fired, low fired, sun baked, flocked, painted and otherwise stretched the acknowledged limits of clay. The consummate clay artist, she is a classically trained potter with the eye of a painter and the production skills and sensibilities of a manufacturing engineer.

While receiving her B.A. and M.F.A. in ceramics, she spent a year at the International School of Ceramics in Florence, Italy. Through numerous gallery shows and public art commissions, Michelle became recognized as a master of the ceramic arts. This led to the creation of her current ceramic tile design and production studio.

With her sense of design and glazing techniques, Michelle continues to surprise clients by breaking through the traditional boundaries of tile.

Website: michellegriffoul.com

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