Judi Stauffer

Judi Stauffer

Title: Three World Series: Untitled #10

Size: 17” x 24” and framed (24” x 36”)

Minimum Bid: $600

Website: www.jmstauffer.com

Artist Statement:

“Inspired by my study and practice of the exquisite Andean worldview — Tiwantinesuyu or the four-fold path of consciousness, images from the Three World Series series began emerging in 2008. The intent of all of my work is to create dynamic dialogues that invite others to join in.

The series visually illustrates the Andean three-partite world cosmology, which describes the harmonizing process of bringing vision into form. Mythically, nature is portrayed as the unconditional connective and unifying element that allows wholeness to be present when vision and form are in right-relationship.

To create this series, literal markers such as landscapes or objects are integrated with abstracted and “sampled” imagery to explore how we subscribe meaning to the environment around us — through our relationship between the complementary opposite realms of form and formlessness, chaos and order, structure and fluidity. Layers upon layers of information (photographic and computer generated graphics) — sometimes as many as 30 or more — are created to bring visual cohesion to otherwise complex and sometimes chaotic forms.

Each signed and numbered image in this series is a limited edition archival inkjet print — 10 images each — on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper.”

Judi Stauffer received her formal art and photographic training at Franconia College (BA) and Florida State University (MFA). She has held positions in an arts administration as the visual arts coordinator for the Florida Fine Arts Council and as the artistic director for a regional arts center in Tallahassee, Florida. After moving to California, in 1983, she directed the community relations program at UC Santa Barbara for 15 years.