Darby Holden

DarbyHoldenVinodesuenos2013pieceDarby Holden

Title: At the Fence

Minimum Bid: $475

Website: darbydholden.com

Artist Statement:

“At the Fence” represents the farmers who tirelessly work in the fields of all crops to provide, especially those involved in the grape and wine industry. The struggles and day to day grind involved in working the earth and the fields is something many in our society are so distanced from, they often don’t realize the labor, heart, and soul it takes. This piece is dedicated to all persons who are to often passed by and overlooked as they work in the fields. All of farm and field workers and the people in agriculture are vital to our existence. These folks who are ignored by motorists and others who do not even realize the importance deserve the utmost respect and recognition.  “At the fence” is an acrylic, it depicts the heart of the matter… we need to recognize those who work in the fields and protect them, they are the heart of our society. “At the fence” celebrates both the struggles and the reward of the people participating in growing and maintenance of our fields and farms.

Darby D. Holden is professional farrier and artist living in California. Holden travels the coast shoeing horses, forging her shoes by hand from bar-stock steel. Holden makes time for drawing, painting, and her music. Currently Holden is focusing her studies on sustainable living and furthering her study of the horse. She lives in Freedom, CA.

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