Andrew Moore


Andrew Moore

Title: “Harvest in the Santa Ynez Valley”

Size: 16”x20”

Materials: Acrylic on board

Minimum Bid: $350


An extraordinarily gifted artist working in paint and colored pencil, Andy’s landscapes of the Central Coast of California, South America, and western art works are on display in local galleries and many private collections around the world.

Hailing from Boston, England, Andy Moore came to the U.S. at age 22 to work on Formula One racecars. He spent five years on the circuit before jumping into his second career as a stockbroker for companies like Morgan Stanley and Smith Barney.

Now Andy divides his time between his art, travel, and the Santa Barbara County wine industry. He is noted for his raw, pure perspective, and for telling it like it is, both in wine and art.

Coming from a lush, rain soaked country like England where everything is always green, to the semi-arid, brown-gray landscapes and rugged mountains of the west inspired a new direction in his art which reflects a passion for capturing the open feel and rich colors and bright light of Santa Barbara County wine country.

His work is a study in realism, pure essential color, and a reflection of what he observes every day.